Need a Special Product?

Have a Special Idea?  

Need Help With Logistics?

We now offer China Agency Services.

We know it is tough to find a reliable, trustworthy partner in China to do business with.  

Sometimes it is even harder to keep in contact with overseas suppliers,and we have all had logistics nightmares.

Luckily, we at DK Hawaiian Collections are the trust worthy partner you are looking for!

Give our China office a call or email if you have a special order, need help finding a specific product, want to manufacture a certain product or need help with logistics.

Our staff in China can walk you through the process and help you maneuver all aspects while doing business in China.  

They can help you arrange meetings with suppliers, product design,and manufacturing, and sourcing to find the proper shipping carrier for delivery of merchandise to the USA.

We look forward to helping you meet all your overseas needs!

DK China
Contact Person: Miss Kiki
No. 2, Building 81 Area 3 Jianguan
Yiwu Zhejian, China
Tel:  86-579-8536-9507 Fax:  86-579-8536-9273